FREE Duct Cleaning for Seniors

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Every month in 2016 we will select a winner.

With the constant negative media coverage related to air duct cleaning in the past few years, homeowners are now even more wary about who they can trust. Choosing a professional duct cleaning company may seem like a simple task with a quick glance through the phone book, but choosing the right company for you can be more complicated. Some people often depend solely on pricing based on their current budget when selecting a duct cleaning company, which in some circumstances could lead to unsatisfactory results or worse.

We charge as reasonable as we can to continue in bringing our customers the quality of service they have come to expect, however we also understand that our pricing system may not fit into everyone’s budget. This may leave consumers with less options when it comes to duct cleaning and for that reason we decided that we would give back to the community.

Rules & Conditions

The contest is FREE to enter! However please read the following carefully:

*The home must be located in our normal service area and the owner needs to show proof of home ownership.
*The home must be a single furnace system.
*Each winner will be documented requiring them to be photographed with our technicians prior to the work.
*All winners will be listed on our website, their photograph, first name and city location will be shared.
*All winners must be 65 years of age or older and be the actual owner of the home
*Zero cost 100% free

Please fill out the form below.